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Dear readers,
Welcome to my first installment (and hopefully last) of Emily : The Insomnia files! *duhduhDUH*
(clearly if any of you got the Law and Order reference with that, I love you. Like, a lot. )

What’s a poor girl to do when it’s 3am and she still hasn’t fallen asleep? Why, go Bat Shit Crazy, of course! Time to attack this apartment with a VENGEANCE

Fun with cleaning products!! Seriously though, I’m so frustrated I could cry. Don’t let the earrings fool you – I have been IN BED since 10pm, tossing and turning. My alarm is set to “awake” me in 2 hours. So, here’s what I’m doing instead …

  • Doing three loads of dishes
  • putting away two loads of baby clothes
  • dusting
  • sweeping
  • cleaning out the refrigerator
  • SCRUBBING THE TOILET (swear I’m not on drugs)
  • feeling sorry for myself and my upcoming workday from hell.

Good morning! You should probably tweet me around 10am and see if I’m still alive, or slowly suffocating on my keyboard in my office. Is that even possible?

I’ll find a way ;)

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  • http://www.definediana.com DefineDiana

    I hate, hate, hate, THAT. I’m so sorry you couldn’t sleep. I hope your day can go by fast and isn’t as horrible as you think it may be.

  • http://www.lizandnategordon.com Liz

    Ugh. Those nights are the worst. Can you at least use your uber productivity as an excuse to relax and not do any chores for the next few days?

  • http://www.journeytomarvelous.com Melissa @ Journey to Marvelous

    Oh Emily, that stinks! I have been battling insomnia off and on since January. I hope this was a one time thing for you and you sleep super soundly tonight!

  • http://www.lessbrittmorelife.com Brittany

    yay Law & Order :) I love that sound! hahaha. And i’m definitely NOT productive when i can’t sleep! It’s blog stalk time baby :)

  • http://runningwithchopstix.blogspot.com Ann @ Running With Chopstix

    Haha I’m the same way. I will randomly not be able to sleep and reorganize my closet at 3 AM. At least you’re being productive!!

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  • Rosemary

    Yes not being able to sleep is the worst… especially when you have your man snoring so loud every time you ALMOST fall asleep :) Melatonin (Spell) is a vitamin available at walmart or wallgreens. Take it 30 mins before bed… It will help you sleep but you can still wake up to your kids. Be sure not to get the “time realease” ones because those release depending on what is in your stomach and are no good! ALSO they won’t knock you out like tyenol PM and make you stay in same sleeping position so you wake up feeling sore!

    They have helped me sleep and it is a vitamin!

  • http://theyardsalegirl.blogspot.com/ Kelsey Kelly

    But you looked cute doing it…so at least there’s that.

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