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or …. the coolest, most awesome-est race I’ve ever wanted to run, ever. And I don’t run .. unless there’s a hot pizza at the end ;)

Hey there!!

Yesterday I was trolling my Pinterest feed, (which, let’s face it – when am I not on Pinterest) and came across this innocent pin:



Hmmm, a “color run?” I’m intrigued. Off to the website I went.

YOU. GUYS. (!!!!!) This looks amazing! It’s basically a 5k where a colored (non-toxic) powder is thrown on the runner/walkers at each kilometer mark. At the end there’s a GIANT party and everyone is covered in colors! There’s several of these races all over the country, with the nearest to me being in Chicago.

Here, the Color Run site says it better:

What is the Color Run?
The Color Run is a one of a kind experience that is less about speed and more about enjoying a color crazy day with your friends and family. Our events, are all about people of all different speeds, ages, shapes, and sizes toeing the start line. Whether you are a casual morning mall walker or an Olympic athlete, the 3 miles of the Color Run course will be the most enjoyable real estate you’ve traveled in a VERY long time.

How does it work?
The Color Run pretty much has 2 SIMPLE rules. 1. White shirts (any mostly white T will work great) mandatory at the start line and 2. Color plastered EVERYTHING at the finish! Runner/walkers begin the 5k at the start line like a brand new pristine coloring book, they end looking like they fell into a Willy Wonka… tye died… vat of colored goodness.

Need more convincing? WATCH THIS VIDEO. I’m seriously ready to hit the streets NOW!!
(embedded from YouTube. If you can’t see it, click through your reader.)

Am I the only one peeing my pants about this? :D I immediately emailed the website to Katie, told her to tell her sister that I’m requiring them to come (haha), and tweeted Brooke. I would really love to hit up the Chicago date (6/2). Maybe even go crazy at Ikea on the way home? If you’re in the area … I’m not even kidding … LET ME KNOW! It would be an awesome time! I would love to get a HUGE group together of family, friends, friends-of-friends, kiddos (yes, they can come in strollers!), and just WHOEVER.

This, of course, means I have to start running. I haven’t really run since my first 5k back in 2009. I previously used the Couch to 5k program, and absolutely loved (and hated) it. This colorful run might be just the thing to get me training again! I’ve already committed to the Fitbloggin 5k, so I might as well start earlier. :D

What do YOU think? Would you ever do a race like this? Am I crazy? haha!

In other quick news, my second week of Zumba started last night! I’m getting really into the hip-hop type moves. My instructor even visted the Fit and Free Facebook page to say Hi! Isn’t that super nice? :) Love her. (Hi Elana!)

It was a great way to end an emotional day. Thanks for all the love yesterday, as always. I definitely have the best readers. <3


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  • Rdamour

    Love it. If I could run is be there. Grab a groupon for Chicago and hit it up emily!

  • Jeremy Logsdon

    That looks freaking awesome!  I’m definitely going to pencil Chicago on for June 2nd.  (Atlanta is probably closer, but I’ve never been to Chicago, so I need to select that one. :))  Yeah, I have to start running, too.  Maybe I can do this one at a very slow jog.

    • Emily

      It looks like people of all abilities and ages are encouraged, so our “slow jog” will work just fine!! :) I may not be able to run the whole thing … but hey – it looks like too much fun to pass up! 

  • Emily

    First off – – IRELAND?! Color me jealous. ;)
    But yes, seriously, come. I would love it!

  • Maggie

    Thanks for posting that!  I’m totally signing up for the SF one!

  • Lauren@liloruns

    OH MY GOSH! I want to do this so so badly!! I wish I was closer!!

  • sharlaelizabeth

    You pinned it and now I’m SO doing the one here (and seriously considering doing the other two that are sort of local). 

    • Emily

      I hope you do!! :) Next year’s goal : travel and do one WITH you <3

      • Princess of Power


  • sharlaelizabeth

    You pinned it and now I’m SO doing the one here (and seriously considering doing the other two that are sort of local). 

  • Sara

    I have never heard of this! I have a race the weekend before but I still might do this :) There’s one up in Denver so totally doable. Thanks for sharing Em! Oh, and it says you can walk it too, so you could do jog/walk combo too if you want. Cool! Now, I wonder, does this stuff wash out or will be shoes be torched? HA!

    • Emily

      I hope you get to do it! It looks like such a fun and unique race :)

  • kia

    We (my hubby and I) have been planning on doing this race when it is in Denver.  It is the same weekend as the Bolder Boulder here so we will be doing 15K over the course of the weekend. 

  • BrookeNotOnADiet

    I am really considering this run! I think it would be SO fun!! :)

    Also, Tag! You’re it!! Be sure to check out my blog (×11/) to see what’s up! :)

    • Emily

      Thanks for the survey tag! I’m definitely filling it out this week :)

  • Katie Minter

    My first 5k will be the Seattle Color Run on May 13!

    • Emily

      FIRST 5k!!!!!! You are awesome, girl :)

  • Ashley

    just started reading your blog and I’m now an avid follower on your pinterest. 

    • Emily

      Thank you, Ashley! :) I’m pretty much obsessed with Pinterest. I hope you find some things you like from my boards!

  • Rebecca

    Thank you. Thank you so much for sharing this! I’m so psyched to do this run now! 

  • Anonymous

    How fun! I’m considering this as my first 5K, too – if I don’t run one before it!

  • Abr0893

    I just signed up for the New England once in July!  My 1st 5K that I have been wanting to do for 4 years now and now I get to do a fun one!

    • Rondoon

      I just signed up this this too. It will be my first.  Looks like fun. 

  • Jackson

    I have a feeling you will like this video… 

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