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Happy Thursday!

Things have gotten a little heavy (no pun intended, ha!) around here lately, so I thought I’d lighten-up the mood with a fun survey that’s been floating around the blogosphere. Why not? :) Am I the only one that kind of misses MySpace surveys? Probably. 

Currently: January (almost February!)

Current books: So many on my to-read list! I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to my Reading Wish List and my goal to read 28 Books By My Birthday.  Right now I’m in the middle of Intuitive Eating, Before I Go To Sleep, and Radio Shangri-la.

Currently reading some great books

Current music: I’m obsessed with Alex Clare these days. You would know him from the radio-played “Too Close.” But the album is amazing! I’ve played a lot of chill vocals on Spotify while working … Ray Lamontagne, Alex Clare, Fink, and Julia Nunes.

Current guilty pleasure: Cheesy CW shows. I LOVE Supernatural and Vampire Diaries. Yes, I’m 28. Let’s focus here … have you SEEN the men on these shows? ;)

I love cheesy CW shows! Vampire Diaries and Supernatural

Current nail color: nada. I’m a plain Jane when it comes to nails. I try to grow them long, but that gets in the way of my guitar/piano playing.

Current drink: H20! And this lovely juice concoction. I even got Harper to try it out this morning. She loved it! If you want to try this, go easy on the cinnamon to start. I REALLY love it, but that amount might be a little overpowering to some. :)

A great juice for beginners

Current food: in about 30 minutes I’ll be eating some Kosahry for lunch. It’s one of Adam’s favorite vegetarian meals! SO filling.

Current favorite show: Besides my CW guilty pleasures, I’m really loving Catfish on MTV. I loved the movie when it came out and was PUMPED to find out it was being made into a TV series! I spend a lot of time on the internet talking to people I’ve never met (oh hey, that’s you!) and it’s fascinating to see what lengths some will go to hide the truth. You should definitely check it out!

Catfish The TV Show

Current needs: Besides a few more hours in the day and a few more dollars on my paycheck, there truly isn’t much I need now. :)

Current wish list: There might not be much I need … but there’s plenty of things that I want. LOL. If you’d like to see exactly what I’m daydreaming about, I have a Wish List on pinterest and a Fitness Wish List. See? I like to look at pretty things. My #1 wish now is this bad-boy. I need a camera like WOAH.

Sony - NEX5RK 16.1MP Digital Compact System Camera with E 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Lens - Silver
Current triumphs: I’m finishing my HTML/CSS Coding class tonight! The rest of my certification was cancelled because no one else signed up for it (boo) but I’m really excited about what I learned in this class. Not to mention my little personal victory from Tuesday’s session!

Current bane of my existence: This weather. BRRRR! I get frustrated when I’m locked inside too much. The negative wind chills have been making our weekends a little repetitive. Wake up – play/craft/movies – bed. I’m ready to be walking in the woods and running around the playgrounds!

Current celebrity crush: Again, my whole life lives on Pinterest. (My School-Girl Crush board I share with my BFF Katie, and my Girl-Crush board). Apparently I’m a little crush-crazy. If I had to pick ONE? I think my top crush and girl-crush are these two … (Rachel McAdams and Jensen Ackles) Who are yours?

I love Jensen Ackles

Current indulgence: 
These days I’m not spending much money, so no real indulgence on that front. I’ve been throwing chocolate chips in my oatmeal, does that count? (Wow, I’m lame)

Current blessing: Honestly too many to count. I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed lately by the response to this blog, but in the best possible way. It’s so rewarding to hear that people like what I write. Albeit mostly rambly and (like this post) off-track.

Current slang: “That’s CrayCray” As in, “that’s crazy”. I know that this isn’t NEW and also really annoying. ha! It’s become kind of a joke between Adam and I because he hates it so much. I make sure to say it a lot. ;)

Current outfit: Oh, you know, just prancing around in my latest Gwynnie Bee haul! You’ll have to wait until tomorrow for that picture!

Current excitement: I’m so incredibly excited to start Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution on Monday. After looking around on the interwebz, it was really hard to find a comprehensive review from someone who’s significantly overweight. So I’m going to be documenting the 90-day challenge like crazy cray cray. 

Jillian Michael's Body Revolution Banner


Current mood: A little frazzled with everything on my plate right now, but I’m doing good!

Current link: This Tumblr account. You can thank me later.

What’s going on with you [currently]? Well now that I’ve combed through all of my Pinterest boards for this survey, I feel like I should be off pinning more things! But in reality, I’m grabbing some lunch and getting back to work at the ‘ol day job. Taking over the corporate world, one to-do at a time. ;)


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  • Shelley Koon

    I love surveys! Allowed voyeurism :) It’s great to see other peoples “guilty pleasures” are the same as mine – I don’t feel so uh – guilty. Catfish is fascinating – I met my husband on-line 13 years ago and knew quite a few people whose story endings were not as happy as Matt and I’s. I wish they would do a segment where it does work out in the end. And cray cray? Yeah – no :P Thanks for sharing – I’m really enjoying your site.

    • Emily

      I agree! I’m ready to see a happy ending on Catfish. I had really high hopes for the last episode .. but I think that guy really needed to re-think some things about what/who he wants! (Trying not to spoil if someone hasn’t seen it!)

      I can’t wait to see how many people are annoyed by “Cray cray”. I think the only reason I say it anymore is to bug the hubs. ;)

  • Courtney

    Oh my gosh, I loooove catfish. I’m all like NO WAY – every.time. That one guy sent a picture of his junk to another dude… whhhhhat? anyway, this was just what I needed. Glad I’m not the only one feeling frazzled today…

  • Fit & Awesome

    Haha, Catfish on MTV is my Guilty Pleasure too. That juice you made looks good. I’m going to have to try that. Thanks for sharing!

  • livetothebeat

    Cheesy CW shows? You’re looking a The Secret Circle’s #1 fan (my friend was #2). I was devastated when it got canceled. Hahaha! Great to find your blog girl! (via instagram)

    • Emily

      I love how CW keeps cancelling all the good shows and then just throwing those people into different shows! It’s so weird. Loved The Secret Circle!

      Thanks for popping over from IG! :D

  • thechimes

    Okay, I love that you have a girl crush board on pinterest. I’ve been wanting to do that for a while but instead i did a “just plain beautiful” board where any of that random pretty shiz can go.

    Also, that juice looks fantastic. I could have used that recipe this AM b/c the juice I made for b’fast kinda sucked.

  • Erica Zamsky Hunt

    I am very excited to hear your reviews on the Jillian Michaels, I have a few of her tapes and few of Bob’s tape and I do them but often need to modify because I can’t keep up

  • Jeremy Logsdon

    I’m actually about to start Body Revolution myself! You’ll finish faster than I will (because I already know that it’ll take me longer than 2 weeks to move on to the 2nd phase) but I’m still excited to follow your progress!

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