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Oh geeze, here we go.

Yesterday I posted a video on the FF/E YouTube Channel officially announcing that TODAY, (Monday, January 28th) I will be starting the Jillian Michaels Body Revolution program!

(Click this image to watch the video on YouTube)

Just started Jillian Michaels Body Revolution at 274lbs (obese).


A ton of information, recipes, and tips are included in this little bundle. I purchased Jillian Michaels Body Revolution from Amazon (affiliate link). I’ve heard that if you buy from the Jillian Michaels official site it comes with resistance bands, but is slightly more expensive. I already have a stupid amount of bands/weights here at home, so I opted to save a few bucks. :)


The Jillian Michaels Body Revolution : What’s Inside?


(Typical package. Mine did not come with a resistance band)

Fitness Guide

Pretty much the Body Revolution bible. It gives a comprehensive run-down of the entire program. The 26 pages include: Introduction, About Jillian, Metabolic Training, “What You Get”, Phase 1 -3 details, Rotation Calendars, and Tips/Tricks.

I found the “Metabolic Training” section to be really interesting. I have a lot of prior knowledge of Jillian’s training methods, since I regularly listen to her podcasts. She’s all about combination and high intensity interval training. The more you shunt your blood from one part of the body to the other, your heart rate elevates, thus burning more calories. This is what she’s famous for – the 30min workouts that feel like 2 hours ;). This section gives a good insight to circuit training, HITT, PHA, body weight training, plyometrics, super set combinations  hybrid lifting, EPOC burn, and optimized muscle splits. This is GREAT for a true beginner, because it gives you insight into the reasoning of the moves and combinations.

90-Day Journal

You basic logging journal. There is a page for every day of the program, with spaces for daily eats and workouts. There’s also a daily water logger and a weekly reflection section. The introduction includes a guide to becoming a “mindful eater” and how to create your own vision board. I love making vision boards. It really helps you focus on what you want and keep your motivation going strong!

7-Day Kickstart Your Metabolism

Jillian’s 7-Day Kickstart is a strict eating/two-a-day workout plan to help you start the program off with a BOOM! The guide says, among other things, to cut out soda/alcohol/white flour and sugar. It includes a detailed menu and shopping list. I don’t think I will be following the eating part of this 7-day kickstart, but I am planning on following the workout part. It’s basically taking the “regular” first week program and adding an extra cardio at night. I can handle that! ;) The kickstart boasts that you could lose up to a dress size in one week. Interesting!

Fat Burning Meal Plan

I am the most excited about this little booklet! It includes 68 pages of recipes, and a 90 day eating guide. The recipes are selected from her “Master Your Metabolism Cookbook,” which I’ve meant to buy for a while. It’s a great value to get a little sneak peek before buying the entire thing! The recipes sound delicious. The eating guide is just that, a guide. NOT a strict “you must eat this” plan. For those people who are new to healthy-eating and have no idea where to start, the information in this plan is invaluable. Jillian obviously put a lot of thought into these products – she doesn’t hold out on any information or tips. It’s all in there!

**edited to add: I forgot to mention the 30day free pass to her online community (was mentioned in the unboxing video). I will do a short write-up on this once I test it out! **

Yeah, what the heck did I get myself into?! I’ve never attempted a program this intense. I’m nervous and excited to see what results I can yield. Like I mentioned in the video, I’m extra excited to be doing this at my current weight (274). There are practically ZERO reviews/results shown online with overweight participants. I really hope that by documenting the stages of this program it will help bring a more varied group of people into Jillian’s programs! It can be a little intimidating to search “Body Revolution Results” and see people going from fit and ripped to SUPER fit and ripped. ;)

Without further adieu, here are my “before” pics and measurements.


Just starting Jillian Michaels Body Revolution 275lbs "before pictures" side and front viewJust starting Jillian Michaels Body Revolution 275lbs "before pictures" back view

JMBR: Starting Measurements

Highest Weight: 310
Pre-JMBR Weight: 274
Dress Size 22/24
Neck: 17.5
Bust: 50
Ribcage: 46.5
Upper Arm: 15.5
Waist: 46
Hips/Belly: 54.5
Thigh: 28.5
Calf: 22


I purchased Jillian Michaels Body Revolution from Amazon for $99, and I can tell it’s going to be well worth the investment. There is an insane amount of information bundled with the workouts, and c’mon … 15 DVDs? That’s insane! Maybe my tune will change once I’ve gotten into the program, but I doubt it. Jillian’s materials never disappoint.

When this post publishes, I’ll be sweating it up in my livingroom! Day one down, 89 to go. Holy Moly. Let’s all keep our fingers and toes crossed that I don’t die. Or at the very least, that I’ll be able to walk tomorrow. ;)

Have you ever done a fitness challenge program? (P90x? Turbo Fire? Insanity?) Have you ever wanted to try one?


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psssssst: Brooke from Brooke, Not on a Diet is starting her Turbo Fire challenge today! Be sure to stop by and wish her luck! :)

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  • http://twitter.com/joggingoncoffee Lisa

    I’ve never done a 90-day challenge but I am super curious about Body Revolution so I’m looking forward to your reviews. Good luck :)

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      Thank you!!

  • http://twitter.com/elishadew Elisha Dew

    I will be eagerly watching for your updates on this! I have considered buying Body Revolution so many time, but wasn’t sure I could pull it off–like you said, there aren’t many reviews from overweight participants. Good luck!

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      Yeah, what is that all about? I think most overweight people are embarrassed of posting pictures (I know I am!) but it’s SO helpful!!!

  • Tammy Herrin

    I’ve been curious if it’d be worth the investment to buy the Body Revolution so I’m super excited to see your progress! You’ve got this!

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      Thanks, Tammy! I need all the cheerleaders I can get! :)

  • http://twitter.com/mezzsays_ *trix

    Good luck! Have fun!

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      Woop! :D

  • http://www.journeyofadreamer.com/ Courtney

    You’ve got this girl! I haven’t done a program like this totally. I tried p90x but hated Tony. Like he made me want to punch him in the face. or turn off the tv and walk away. haha. I can’t wait to see your progress!

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      I totally get that! I just gel with Jillian a lot more than Tony. Although I’m sure I”ll be throwing things at the TV before too long. ;)

  • http://twitter.com/Brownie8727 Samantha

    This is awesome!! I can’t wait to follow your progress and see your results!! You are an inspiration. xoxo

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      Love you, lady!

  • http://twitter.com/coffeeckecardio Ashley

    You will absolutely love this!!! I lost so many inches doing this program.

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      Ashley! I was googling around the other night and your blogged popped up for this program! I had no idea you did it (clearly before I met you!) and I’m reading your posts RIGHT NOW about it. :D

  • http://ThatMomBlog.com/ Karen Hewko

    You’re awesome, and you can totally do it! I need to find time to work out more. I’ve been really slacking lately. I miss getting outside to RUN.

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      Tell me about it – this weather is the PITS. I’m so ready to get some fresh air and sunshine!

      Thanks for the vote of confidence! I’m PUMPED!

  • http://www.alextriesitout.com/ Alex Meyer

    I love that you’re blogging your progress – can’t wait to see how it goes!

    I’ve done TurboFire, somewhat. I didn’t follow the program, but my roommate had the DVDs in college and I’d borrow them to mix up my routine a bit. They are INTENSE.

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      Thank you, Alex! You’re a badass for doing some TurboFire workouts. It looks CRAZY!

  • http://www.facebook.com/doris.brunnette Doris Brunnette

    You rock, the fact that you have the guts to put it out here for all to see and hold you accountable is awesome! Cheering you on big-time! I tried one of JM dvd’s once and I completely wimped out, just didn’t have the stamina at that time. I’m so excited to see your progress and results, I know you will do an awesome job.

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      Thank you SO much, Doris! It feels great to have so many people in my corner. You are greatly appreciated. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/marianabella Mariana Sanabria

    Good luck Emily! I am going to start the 30 Day Shred by Jillian next week!

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      Oh, good luck to you TOO! We’re gonna kick some bootay!

  • fitgeekmom

    I subscribed to your YouTube channel finally! I’m excited to see how the next 90 days go for you. Lets break out of the 270’s!!!

    • http://www.FitandFreeEmily.com Emily

      Why, thank you! We are going to SMASH through the 270s!!

  • Stephanie Lindley

    Hey darlin Just wanted to let you know you really inspired me and I linked this page in my recent blog post. http://dietingtobeaskinnybitch.blogspot.com/2013/01/up-for-challenge.html

  • http://twitter.com/MommaHunt16 Erica Zamsky Hunt

    Love that I will get a “real” person’s review on this. I personally just started the Tae-bo PT 24/7 workout. I did a few days then got wicked sick but other than that it has been hard but good. I may do something similar with his program

  • K. W.

    Good luck, girl. I’m on Day 33. You’ll need a medium and heavy resistance band so I hope you get one ify ou haven’t already

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  • Suzzi

    Hi Emily, I’m planning to do the same, best of luck!

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