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Hot or Not: #Taffy plus-size activewear review, via


As part of being a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I have the opportunity to review new health and fitness products. Today I’m going to introduce you to Taffy Activewear, and their Essential Capris.

Taffy offers workout clothing for women sizes 14-24. I LOVE that there are companies out there catering exclusively to us plus-size ladies; it’s refreshing to see, in a world of 0-10 clothing being everywhere, and plus-sizes being shoved into the back corner.

What they say:

The concept is simple: when you feel good about how you look, you work out harder. Our mission is to help plus size women feel confident about the way they look in activewear. Whatever their goal, curvy women can look stylish and attractive as they lead healthier, more active lives.

Taffy is a stylish new line of activewear designed specifically and exclusively for women sizes 14-24.  All tops and bottoms are tailored to fit and flatter a woman’s curves. Taffy Activewear combines fashion and function effortlessly in order for you to get as much enjoyment from your outfit – and workout – as possible.


I was able to choose any piece from their online collection. After some serious hemming and hawing, I decided on the Essential Capris. One – because I ALWAYS need more pants, and TWO – because pants are one of the hardest items to totally nail. Especially for plus-size folks. My lovely lady lumps need a place to feel confident, supported, and ready to take on that spring Couch to 5k training!

Hot or Not: #Taffy plus-size activewear review, via

Yeah, that was my best “look at my booty” picture I could snag for you. ;)

In the past few weeks, I’ve worn these snazzy capris for …
– cardio bootcamp
– running
– incline walking on treadmill
– Zumba
– pilates
– Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution (just randomly picked on disc)
– yoga
– around the house, cleaning and chilling.

What I loved

They are super flattering to a curvy figure! The stripes work in all the right places. Just sayin’.

- The moisture-wicking is great. Because of the high polyester count, these bad-boys do a great job stopping sweat where it falls. Think of your tech-tees they hand out at races. Same idea!

- The mesh panels give a breathable feel. They’re a tad see-through (see below photo), but nothing outrageous. This was especially nice while running. A little bit of breeze goes a long way with those panels. Instant cooling system!


Hot or Not: #Taffy plus-size activewear review, via

What I didn’t love

I have a love/Hate relationship with the fabric. OKay, it holds water well, but that also means it’s not super breathable. The mesh helps, but it’s not a cure-all. My biggest gripe is that it offers practically ZERO compression. The Taffy site says it provides semi-compression,but I would disagree. Maybe it’s my body type (I carry most of my weight in my belly), but I would think a lot of plus-size gals might feel me on this one: the last thing I want when I’m jogging is to feel my stomach bouncing/slapping all around. My beloved Old Navy compression pants (which are oddly similar in composition, just slightly more spandex) hold tighter and provide a lot more control and comfort. These kind of felt like wearing dress pants to work out in. Comfy, cute, but not super functional for my body.

The construction? Fit? Something? So because the fabric gives little support, they fall off like WHOA. I ordered a 3x, as per their sizing guide, which is the largest they carry (I typically wear a 22/24 pant-size). The actual fit/size was spot-on. Not too tight, not too lose, I could easily bend my legs and squat. However, the second I started really moving (running, walking, jumping, etc), they started to slip. And slip fast. Because they don’t have that suck-you-in compression, they don’t seem to hold much of a shape. If you had a bit more junk in the trunk (hello, meet my flat booty) the pants might work out better. I could see that having a little something more to hang onto would be beneficial for this cut/style. With my pancake-butt, there just wasn’t much hope. ;)


So, in the end, I don’t think these pants were my cup of tea for my body type. If you’re more pear-shaped, go for it!!

Like I said in the beginning of this post – I look for clothes that make me feel confident. They hug my curves, they offer support where I need it, and they provide a functionality for my workouts. While the Taffy Essential capris are cute and comfy, I won’t be wearing them out on my morning runs or bootcamp workouts. Good for around the house? You betcha. I live in workout clothes anyway, so it will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe. :)

And lookie here: you can win a pair to try for yourself!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


What about you? What do YOU look for in your active wear? Do you have a favorite brand?



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  • Amber

    I want to try these pants!

  • Sarah G

    I agree with you on the compression thing! Currently though, ON has only ones with skirts on them which I hate the idea of!! I loved their compression capris! Also I am super into bright tanks! I don’t really enjoy working out in a cotton t-shirt anymore because it feels heavy once I start sweating!

    • Emily

      I’m SO WITH you on the bright tanks! It makes me feel sassy ;)

      • Stephanie Graham

        hmmm never thought about the bright colors to feel sassy, that has just inspired me to buy a bright tank, I think the beloved Old Navy has some on sale

        • Emily

          GO FOR IT and embrace that sass! Seriously, a treadmill is just a moving catwalk, right? ;)

  • Hilary

    I love my Old Navy compression pants, too. My favorite item, though, is my Zensah compression sleeves. They make running possible for me. :)

  • Becci Pishkin

    I just love seeing brands like Taffy getting noticed! Plus size activewear is my jam!

    • Emily

      CONGRATS, Becci! You won! Sending you an email, shorty! :)

  • Ashley Smith

    Excited to try these!

  • Arlene Hittle

    I like Old Navy, too.

  • MB

    Surprisingly, my Old Navy sports bras are among the best I’ve owned!

  • Catherine Bolton

    Gah! If that’s the one thing I hate it’s pants falling down during a workout! Shorts/pants riding up I can deal with for some reason but I hate having to pull up my pants every few seconds. I think it’s usually because when the pants fall down, it takes the undies with ‘em! LOL I have a Goldielocks complex though because they can’t be too loose and they can’t be too tight in that everything gets compressed and overflows from the top! Unfortunately for me, my favourite bottoms that I’ve found that meets that criteria is lululemons. So I guess I should say unfortunately for my wallet! To help, my second favourite pair of bottoms have been from Costco, but sometimes Costco is hit or miss. They never usually have the same thing so if I didn’t buy 80 pairs of it the one time I see them there, it’s not guaranteed I’ll ever be able to find them again!

    P.S. I’ve been putting my Spark + Rehydrate through their paces! Sorry I haven’t been able to E-Mail/reply to you about them more! I have half an email drafted! I’ve been going through rehydrate like cray-cray! It’s my new favourite thing and you better believe I’ve been linking to your Advocare link!!! :D

    • Emily

      “Goldielock complex,” LOL, I LOVE THAT! I feel the same way.

      I’m beyond happy that you’re loving the products!! Thank you SO much for sharing my link, girl. It helps me out a ton! :D Although if you’re ever interested in moving up to Distributor and snagging those sales yourself, you know where to reach me!

  • Jennifer Zelinski

    My favorite piece of fitness clothing is my tapered tank from Old Navy. It’s fitted up top and looser on the bottom. It’s so comfy. I have a hard time finding pants because I hate how they cut into my hips/waist and I look like a tied sausage. I do want to try the compression pants from Old Navy too.

    • Emily

      OH! Thank you for sharing – I’ll have to check out the tapered tanks, they sound right up my ally! Definitely get your hands on the compression pants. There are one that kind of bell-out at the bottom and ones that are more tapered. I have the wider ones and SERIOUSLY ADORE them. They’ve held their shape for almost 2 years!

  • unitedstatesofbecky

    Well thanks for introducing me to this brand. These look pretty cool, but all around, I think my fave brand is still Old Navy – of course I buy their stuff online, being size 20/22….but they have pretty great athletic wear. :)

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