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I can’t even understand how tomorrow is the first day of October. WOW, this fall is flying by already. I’ve kept myself busy with work and working out, and really taking a look at where my priorities fall (more on this tomorrow). All-in-all, September has been a HUGE month of changes and positive forward movement in all areas of my life.

September 2014 – How’d I do?

College two

I worked pretty dang hard this month to keep my groove from August going, and I think it worked out pretty well!

Over the course of the month I…

  • Found a therapist that specializes in eating disorders (seeing her next week).
  • Tried out a couple of new gym classes, including BodyCombat which was AMAZING.
  • Started running again (eeeek!)
  • Committed to daily yoga, which has given me an amazing shift of attitude about what my body is capable of doing.
  • Did. Not. Binge. :)
  • Pushed myself in new ways at the gym (bosu plank pictured above). I’ve tried to really take the mantra “If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” to heart.


Highest: 310
Re-Start(August): 308
Last Month: 297
Current: 295

I’m 100% okay with this two-pound loss. I know I’m putting on muscle and losing weight at a healthy pace! I can’t wait to see where I am by the end of October. Hopefully running a lot more, upping my balance/core strength with yoga, and a few extra pounds down. Onward and Downward!

Even though September wasn’t the easiest month, I think it helped me gain a lot of important perspective. My goal for October (and beyond)? Just live it. My body is a result of how I live my life. If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.


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Sep 09


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