Thank you so much, from the bottom of my chubby heart, for all the support with my mental breakdown last post. It’s comforting to know that I’m not all alone in the struggle, and it’s something I hope to be more comfortable writing about. The good news from all the madness, is that I am OMGFINALLY on a downward trend, scale-wise! Beginning of April: 291, today: 284. Can I get a hell yeah? ;)

My birthday weekend was totally perfect. I Instagrammed most of it, but the highlight was simply taking time for me.

birthday weekend

Record Store Day finds // bathroom selfie // birthday treats at Heirloom

I spent a lot of time just enjoying the weather, walking around downtown and enjoying the live music, and basking in all the birthday love from you all! It was a (literal) breath of fresh air, that I desperately needed. It’s funny how just one afternoon spent really taking in life and focusing on the positive can change things around! I wrapped up my first weekend in the 30s feeling refreshed, revived, and ready to hit the ground running once again. :)

That feeling, like you could take on the world, is something I talk a lot about here on FF/E. The whole meaning behind my blog name (note to self, write that damn post) is to embrace a life free from self-doubt and fear of the future. I remember really clearly when I was younger (early twenties) all I ever focused on was being negative. I really truly felt like the world was out to get me. I went to a therapist to try and overcome some of the traumas and sadness in my life, and he had me write down all the “bad things” that had happened to me, and all the “good things.” I think I came back with a list 20-deep on the bad side, and had struggled to even come up with a positive aspect of my life.

Granted, I was in a really dark place with my disorder and other life events (see this post and this series), but I was clearly stuck in a pattern of self-loathing. I remember reading off the list on the bad side and saying “See? This is what I mean! Do you see that I’m not overreacting? Wouldn’t you just give up? It’s like I’m destined for a crap life.” My therapist, bless his heart, said some really important words to me:

“Sure, you could give up. You could have given up plenty of times. Any one of those things could have sent anyone to a dark place. But you’re here, aren’t you? All of that happened and you’re still here. Not only that, but you’re trying to work through it. That’s a fearless heart. And fate always favors the fearless.”

I started this blog about 3 months later, with the hope of embracing that fearlessness hidden inside of me. Bad things have happened and will probably continue to happen. That’s just how life works. All I can do is try to work through it, see what lessons I need to learn, and embrace the future without a crippling fear.

And now I have this to remind me: my own personal talisman, of sorts.


From Jasmine’s description: Be you. Be bold. Be brave. This is a hand-stamped copper pendant on hand-oxidized copper ball chain. This piece features a heavily rustic finish. GORGEOUS! Made by hand in the USA.

I’ve been wearing this necklace pretty much nonstop since it’s arrived in my mailbox last week. I’ve written about Jasmine and her shop, Bama + Ry before, and I just absolutely adore her work. If you don’t know her story, please check out her website. She’s such an inspiration for anyone trying to make something spectacular out of something devastating. I was kind of bouncing off the walls when she asked me if I wanted to custom design a necklace to show you all. My obsession with fearlessness + Jasmine’s incredible talent = the Fate Loves the Fearless necklace! Do you love it?! :D

Jasmine is very graciously offering FF/E readers a discount on EVERYTHING in her store! Use the code: EMILY20 for 20% off!

Here are some of my other favorites:

BamaRy Discount

Fueled by Caffeine & Dreams // Refuse to Sink // Run Like a Motha

A huge thank you to Jasmine for making me the perfect statement piece for me. It helps to look in the mirror everyday and see a mantra looking right back at you!

I’m starting to get back that fearless attitude take hold, again, and it feels amazing. Here’s to a new decade full of adventure, progress, and embracing the “bad moments,” knowing they’ll lead to something great. Who’s with me?! :D

Some links:
Buy the FF/E  fearless necklace here:
Bama + Ry:
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PSSSSST: Jasmine is also offering a pretty freakin’ rad Mom Prize Pack if you order anything (mom or not related) by May 5th!

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