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Thinking Out Loud #1

Big thanks to  Amanda’s (from Running With Spoons) for hosting the TOL link up each week. Wanna join? Here’s the jist: A weekly celebration of quirks and randomness! An opportunity to take the pressure and stress out of writing by sharing whatever it is that happens to pop into your mind when you begin to type — all worries about sense and structure pushed aside. A collection of random and disjointed thoughts, just because.

Here’s what’s bumpin’ around in my brain today:

1. Today is going to be amazing, dammit.

Emily, from

I’ve had kind of a rough week. It’s the same old “Why aren’t I making progress faster” rant, so I won’t bore you. ;) HOWEVER, I’m comitting to make today amazing. 1) I got to work early and took this goofy picture. 2) It’s raining and I love the rain. It energizes me for some reason. and 3) It’s Thursday. Which is almost Friday. Which is almost freedom. BOOM. In the spirit of keepin’ it positive, let’s make this list about all the little bits of awesomeness that have been happening around here, lately!

2.) I’m official, yo.


YUP! FF/E is officially a registered LLC. I hope to do a whole post about this, once I’ve got all the paperwork finished and the process really under my belt. This has been hanging over my head for almost a year now, after I saw some other sites with the “Fit and Free with ___” popping up. I started getting a bit panicked that all the work I’ve put into this site could come crashing down, if someone where to register and/or trademark my name. I still need to iron out exactly what I can and can’t do about the other sites, but for now it’s nice to know I’m protected. :) AND, I do have some pretty big dreams of where I could take this little brand of mine (fitness studio? group class certification? nutrition consoling?). Three cheers for crossing this off my to-do list! Also, if you’re a blogger and been through the LLC/trademarking process, I would LOVE to pick your brain on a few things. Let me know in the comments! 

3. 2014 garden planning has begun!

Weight loss lessons from gardening. Click through to read this post about how gardening can change your outlook on food and weight loss!

I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. The planning and plotting is mostly the husband’s project, but I can’t wait to get my hands dirty again this year. Last year (as you can see) was a HUGE success! I’m also getting a deep-freezer from my mother-in-law (thanks, Mama U!), and we’re practicically jumping with excitement on how to fill it up. Last year we focused mainly on canning. Having a garden taught me so many things and saved us a TON of money in the produce department. This plant-based eater was loving that! Now, if the snow would just stop …. ;) Would anyone be interested in posts about how to plan a garden?

4. I get to see Jillian Michaels (and Brooke!) this weekend!

jillian michaels

You all know how much I love Jillian. Listening to her podcast every Tuesday is my favorite way to start my day on a positive note. She’s so much more than the “trainer that yells at people,” and I CANNOT WAIT to hear here speak on Sunday in Des Moines! You can see her tour schedule, here. The even better part? My gal-pal Brooke from Brooke: Not On a Diet is coming with me! It worked out perfectly, actually. I’m heading to DSM this weekend for my cousins’ double baby shower. It’s going to be such a fun-packed weekend. Can’t wait! :)

5. Kickin’ butt on my #daciaschallenge spring goals!

organized and fit

As a little reminder, I posted last week about my 2014 spring goals. I crushed week one, and this week I’m focusing on sticking to my workout plans, reading more each day (less screen time, please), and tracking I’ve stuck to my workouts pretty well (missed yesterday) and tracking (missed yesterday … can you tell I was a crabby anger-ball yesterday?) and I have read every single day in the morning and at night. It’s been really helpful to clear my mind. I’m feeling good about my dedication, but incredibly frustrated with the scale. But let’s not end this on a negative note – look at that calorie burn! 

Until next time, loves!


What about you? What’s on your mind, today?


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  • Amanda @ .running with spoons.

    Eeek congrats on getting registered, girlie! That’s something that I actually need to get around to doing too, since I’m planning on starting up my own health coaching business. Ugh. Such a pain in the butt, but I bet it must make things feel so much more official. And I’m kind of jealous that you guys are enjoying rain. I love the stuff, but we’re currently dealing with a lovely amount of snow instead…

    • Emily

      Thank you, love! Getting that LLC out of the way takes SO MUCH stress off my shoulders. Not so much that I need to go after other people, but at least now I’m protected!

      Um, definitely let me know when you start coaching! You will be amazing at that!

  • Lynne

    Yes, please to the garden planning posts! I’m trying to plan my first garden and am finding it overwhelming. I want to plant everything!

    • Emily

      I hear you loud and clear, Lynne! I’ll see what I can whip up! :)

  • Hallie Bertrand

    Yes please please post about gardening! I planted one last year and am getting my garden ready this weekend so as soon as freeze danger is gone I can plant! Whoo!

    • Emily

      Thanks for the feedback, Hallie – I think I might rope my husband into doing a post on setting it up! :)

  • unitedstatesofbecky

    This is cool. Congrats on the LLC; can’t wait to see where it goes. And in the meantime, one day at a time! Definitely a future there…someway, somehow.

    • Emily

      Thank you, Becky! :)

  • irresistibleicing

    OMG, I would lose my mind if I got to see Jillian in person! I love her! You have to do a follow up post on that!

    • Emily

      RIGHT?! I wish I could have shelled out for a VIP ticket, so I could meet her in person! But I think my brain might have exploded. LOL ;)

      I’ll definitely post a recap!

  • Ashleigh @ Passion for Life, L

    DUDE LLC! How freaking exciting!!!! That’s hugely awesome, friend! Also, I saw Jillian’s MYL tour last year…you will LOVE it! She is filled with SO much practical advice, and is really inspiring.

    • Emily

      Thank you!! Now I have to save up for a registered trademark, which is BANANAS. ($600+. ugh.) It does feel good to at least be working towards it!

      • Ashleigh @ Passion for Life, L

        Oh holy hell, that’s nutso! But hooray for making progress!

  • Lasik


  • Kelly

    Yay for getting the LLC! That is something I keep going back and forth with…one day maybe, one day. Can’t wait to see that post :)

    Nice job wit the goals!!

    • Emily

      Thanks, Kelly! Next stop is trademarking … which is WAY MORE expensive. But you kind of have to have an LLC first. Ay yi yi. ;)

  • Kayla Seifert

    I would absolutely LOVE to see a post on how to plant a garden. We are currently in the process of closing on our first house, and one of the things we’ve been so excited about is planting a garden, but neither of us have any experience! Any advice would be useful!

    • Emily

      So glad that this is an area of interest for you! My husband and I are brainstorming some posts (since he does most of the planning). Stay tuned! :D

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